General Questions

All events must meet a $500 minimum in food and beverage sales on week days and $1500 on weekends.
For weddings and special events the general rule is the earlier, the better. Please allow us at least one week of lead time when possible.
For drop-off deliveries, please allow 48 hour notice when possible. Last minute emergency orders may be accepted, subject to availability. Prices are subject to change.
Justin's Catering and Event Productions delivers within a one hour radius of our Santa Clara location. Additional fees may apply to deliveries at longer timeframes and distances.
For a drop-off style of event, we bring a buffet to you and set it up in your office, venue or home. The staff departs for the duration of the event and then returns at the conclusion to pick up any non-disposable serving items, leaving the area as we had originally found it. If you wish us to set up and breakdown any tables and chairs there is an additional fee.
There are many factors that go into pricing. After a brief conversation with an event coordinator, we will prepare a personalized proposal for your budget. The factors that affect the price of an event include the number and kind of menu choices, number of guests, length of the event, as well as the number of servers required. We try our best to accommodate your budget. Our goal is to give you the fairest price based on your specific needs. For all-inclusive packages see our Real. Simple. Menus .
All of our events include any chafing dishes and food service utensils. Our standard buffet presentation includes granite slab displays and a multi-tiered set up with basic linens. Additional charges may apply for larger events or themed events with specific colors and décor. Upgraded décor packages are available.
When we provide your customized menu, we list of all of our estimated charges in order to provide you with a complete bid. In addition to the per person price for food, we include the following in each proposal: - 20% production and delivery charge - Cost of rentals (that we obtain on your behalf) - Labor charges for service staff - Sales tax
As a general rule, we provide one server for every twenty people with a buffet style service, and one server for every fifteen people for a plated dinner. However, the server ratio depends on how formal or complicated the event is and may be reduced or increased, depending on multiple factors. A lavish six-course, sit-down dinner may require one server per ten guests, or a very simple buffet many only require one server for thirty guests. Using your event details, we will recommend the minimum number of servers required based on our experience. Our goal is to make your event run smoothly and efficiently.
Justin's Catering & Event Productions offers professionally trained team members for your event. We charge for our staff by the hour, based on a four hour minimum per staff person. We do our best to estimate the amount of time that our staff will be needed for your event. However, since many variables exist, the final cost is based on the actual time worked. Any full service event requires a Lead Server to oversee staff and ensure the coordination of a successful event.
The service charge is not a gratuity, but is an additional charge that is used to cover certain additional operation costs that are associated with each event. The front of the house service staff that works the event does not receive any part of the service charge.
The service charge covers the following costs; administrative costs (such as appointments and consultations), site visits, scheduling, ordering, paperwork, banking and any possible credit card fees (if applicable). We also have other indirect costs such as office & setup staff that work behind the scenes on every event, but aren’t included in your labor fees. Liability insurance is required to cover any damages or injuries caused by our staff or our equipment to any guests or property, and all necessary permits and other administrative expenses. This relieves the client of liability or responsibility when an accident is our fault. Vehicle insurance, maintenance, cleaning and fuel associated with event. The service charge helps offset the costs of going the extra mile, such as handling the rental equipment and assisting with the non-catering related elements of a party, wedding or event. The service charge also covers the use of our basic equipment, kitchen essentials, buffet décor including replacement, cleaning and transporting.
A 20% service charge will be included in the final billing on all food, beverage and labor. Please note that the service charge is taxable based on California State Regulation 1603(f)
Gratuities are not itemized in the bill, nor are they required.
Yes. We are fully licensed by the California Alcohol and Beverage Control to sell alcohol at your event and we maintain the necessary liability insurance to serve your guests. Most caterers are not fully licensed and are not legally allowed to sell you alcohol.
No. Basic cake cutting service is included in the price. Specialized cake plate decorating is an additional charge.
Meals for children under 10 years of age are available for any event. Some of the options include items such as fruit salad, pasta, or chicken tenders.
Please be advised that for liability and health reasons, we will be unable to package left-over food "to go" upon completion of the event, unless the client has signed a waiver that transfers all liability from Justin's Catering & Events to the client. If you are interested in keeping any leftover food, please contact your sales representative.
Yes. We can we arrange for the rental of the usual party items such as tables, chairs, linens, china, silverware and glassware. We also have access to fine china, crystal, and specialty linens, as well as, the ability to arrange for canopies, stages and dance floors. For drop off style events, if you prefer china, silverware and glassware, we will be happy to make arrangements; however, these items require that our staff be present at your event.
A final guest count is required ten business days prior to the event. If the final head count is not provided ten days in advance, the original count will be considered the guarantee. Increase in guest count will be accommodated whenever possible.
A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required to secure an event at the proposal signing. Justin's Catering and Event Productions will be unable to guarantee your event date until we have received your signed proposal and deposit. Please refer to your proposal for specific deposit amounts.
Justin's Catering & Event Productions accepts checks, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Payment is due in full ten days prior to the event, along with your guaranteed guest count. For corporate clients, payment is required upon delivery, unless credit terms have been previously established. Unpaid balances are subject to penalties, interest, or both.
Cancellation notice should be given in writing. Refunds will be determined by the date of cancellation in relation to the function date. Due to the need to contract for food, beverage, rentals, and other applicable items as needed in advance for your event, functions cancelled less than one week prior to the event are subject to full food and beverage charges.
Any event is subject to a 50% fee within 48 hours and a 100% fee within 24 hours of the event. For weddings and large events, a one month notice is required for cancellation of an event with no charge to the client. Less than a one month cancellation notice will result in a 50% fee of the total estimated cost.
In the catering industry there are a variety of ways to present a bid to a client. For example, some caterers include only the price of food in the per person cost, others include food and service, and others include linens and/or china in the per person charge. It is important when comparing bids from two or more companies that pricing for all of the necessary items are included in both quotes for an accurate comparison.